Global Delivery Model

Organizations are after game-changing solutions delivered with the right mix of skills, experience & knowledge. Our delivery capabilities bring together a great blend of industry insights, innovative solutions and skilled professionals—all focused on bringing measurable business value for clients through reliable, cost-effective and showing consistent paragons of virtue.


Transition Planning

With a team experienced in transitioning numerous processes in healthcare & other domains, we have designed our transition methodology in a way so to decrease the timeline and quickly reach the delivery mode. All the departments at Unify play an important & pre-defined role during the transition phase to support quicker, faster & efficient transition ensuring 100% success in the knowledge transfer and achieving the stabilize phase.


Operational Excellence

Unify adopted the Lean Six Sigma as its primary continuous improvement approach that drives operational excellence. Lean Thinkers at Unify focus on enhancing value through the reduction of cost, time cycle & defect rates, resulting in generation of growth and breakthrough improvements for our clients. Our most valuable asset, Our People, come together to ensure the highest level of execution possible for our clients via balanced processes and systems. Communication is another key initiative of our operational excellence; the objective is to facilitate the flow of information between the onsite and offshore resources.


Transformational Focus

Transformation is a strategic necessity and a key to ensure higher revenue generation and stay ahead of the competition. At Unify, we work with our customers in finding the right balance of process discipline & insight on their Business Process Management by defining actionable, accessible and auditable matrices to proactively identify the gap analytics and focus towards bridging these gaps by defining the transformational process.