About Us

We are leaders in staff augmentation, medical billing service… we are Unify Healthcare Services!

Unify Healthcare Services is a fully independent company specializing in serving small to large healthcare organizations with innovative and comprehensive solutions ranging from staff augmentation, operations consulting, medical billing, Hospital Medical Billing Service, etc., based on client requirements to significantly improve their revenue generation capability by streamlining the back-end processes.

We help clients optimize workflows, lower denials, and reduce errors in claim processing by using state-of-the-art, analytics-driven business approach. Our work methods are aimed at increasing your revenue, efficiency and decreasing operational costs.
We strongly believe in continuous improvement and the largest part of our profit goes back into improving our services and quality for you.

We deliver our services to:
• Improve Outcomes
• Improve Patient and Provider Satisfaction
• Improve Collections
• Reduce Costs

It is hard running a healthcare business these days, let us handle the tough part of the process for you. Our costs are generally lower than the cost of in-house payroll.

Our People

Unify Healthcare Services is a team of expert professionals including certified coders, having a combined experience of several years in the industry. Our staff has a vast and varied knowledge intricacies of managing a healthcare practice.

Competency Mapping & Accessments

We believe in quality and we’ve made “Competency Mapping & Assessment” a part of our staff selection process, that helps us identify the skills, abilities, knowledge and behaviors required to operate effectively in the niche. This means we have tailored teams to take care of your individual business requirements.

Our clients rely on us to provide solutions that leverage our industry expertise combined with our technology process, quality and delivered focus. With continuous efforts to achieve accuracy, we bring a superior level of productivity to your billing process to improve collections and cash flow.

Never Stop Learning

Continuous development and growth is our team’s motto and we never stop exploring new things and keep learning about the new technologies and techniques that help us grow in the industry.

What Sets Us Apart

Unify Healthcare Services works at your convenience, minimizing errors, and stress to your medical practice. Our medical billing, DME HME Billing services and staff augmentation services have been designed to ease and convenience our clients in mind.
Our services are fast, efficient, and error-free to let you take the back seat as we handle the rest. Our combined knowledge and experience in the industry allows for an effective recovery of payments for our clients.

Our Guarantee

Value: Our work process start by identifying multiple areas for improvements and revenue actualization.
Integrity: Years of experience and countless references tell the whole story.
Expertise: Clients through across the globe seek us out for our amazing and glorious history of consistent performance.
Attention: We understand your business needs first and then offer tailored service to ensure maximum performance.
Specialization: We bring an extensive experience in a varied range of areas to help deliver error-free and efficient services.
Transparency: We believe in transparency and enables our clients to examine, scrutinize and review our entire medical billing process.
Flexibility: Unify Healthcare Services believes in creating long-term relationships and offers services that are customized to each client’s unique needs.
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Unify Healthcare has years of experience in providing medical billing services to numerous specialties in several states. We offer the best in class medical billing process with effective reporting. For more information, contact us (877) 788-6439